Get the Right Life Insurance

Defend your family from the unexpected

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Why should I get life insurance?


No one expects the worst to happen to them. Each year, many families have no support because their provider didn't plan. Life insurance provides the financial security in case a tragedy occurs.

What expenses can be covered?


Life insurance can pay the regular bills if you're no longer around. It can pay mortgage, child care, education or pay off debts. It can also cover end-of-life expenses like healthcare or funeral costs.

How do I get life insurace?


It's easy; many plans just take a phone interview and a medical exam to set up. Some don't even require the exam. Provide your information above to get started.

A Personal Story

One of my college buddies played on the tennis team. He admired one of his older teammates, who went on to get married, have a successful sales job and had several children, with another on the way. By all accounts, he was a solid man and a beloved husband and father.

A few years ago, he died unexpectedly. He was in good health, so it was a shock to the entire community.

I attended his funeral with my friend. As the service went on, and people went up to give their reflections on his life, it became clear from the remarks that the family was not provided for; he hadn’t purchased life insurance or put enough away to provide for them in the event of his death.

I was flabergasted; all his hard work for his family, which, if he had lived, he would have continued to do, was put at risk. That hard work wouldn’t be remembered because he had not done the little work it would have taken to get a life insurance policy. Instead he would be, at least partially, remembered as the man that didn’t provide when it was most necessary.

Make sure that it isn’t you. Defend your family from the unexpected. Look at your life insurance options.